Prometriq Management Academy  was founded in 1998 on the initiative of academics of the Gdańsk region. We actively participated in the transformation of the Polish economy by providing consulting and training services.

Prometriq has been active in the healthcare sector since 2012, offering professional services based on experience in other industries and using specialized software. We also help in implementing public health programs, taking into account local needs and limitations. Prometriq research team conducts projects in cooperation with public and private universities and medical entities. The scope of our research covers such issues as the impact of managerial competences and digital competences on medical and financial results of the health sector institutions.


Under the new brand – Collegium Prometricum – we offer European health care administration professionals the opportunity to grow professionally and personally by studying remotely (online) and networking in the real world. We prepare health care managers for the challenges of the future by providing them with up-to-date knowledge, developing managerial skills and shaping attitudes of openness for change.

We accomplish our tasks by:

  • selecting the scope and contents of curricula that cover important and current aspects of leadership in the health sector,
  • through a modern didactic process supported by the methodology of teaching adults and the best practices of distance learning,
  • through our group of lecturers including experts and practitioners representing eminent academic centres and health sector institutions.

Aim and principles of operations

 Our aim is to ensure that our students are considered as experts by both their subordinates and superiors, based on:

  • their knowledge of the functioning complexities of health care and protection systems (knowledge),
  • their ability to deal with usual and unusual situations occurring in the practice of managing a health care institution (skills),
  • their ability to make decisions efficiently and lead others effectively (leadership),
  • the fact that they belong to a group of experts who support each other in solving complex practical problems (networking),
  • a formal confirmation of their competences (prestigious certificate).

Mission and vision

Collegium Prometricum conducts its educational activities as an independent unit of the Prometriq Academy of Management in Sopot (Gdańsk area, Poland). Our mission is to support health care managers in obtaining better and better results thanks to the knowledge of the specificity of health economics and practical skills in the application of modern management methods and tools. Our vision is to create a leading Central and Eastern European educational institution in the field of health care management, cooperating and benefiting from the experience and achievements of the most recognized experts and organizations of the healthcare sector worldwide.

We cooperate with specialists representing recognized academic centres and healthcare institutions, including the Jagiellonian University, the Warsaw University, the Warsaw School of Economics, the Medical University of Gdańsk, the University of Gdansk, the Medical University of Łódź, Centre for Medical Postgraduate Education in Warsaw, the Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology, Centre for Healthcare Quality Monitoring in Kraków, Polish Hospital Federation, the STOMOZ Association of Healthcare Managers.

Our experience has been shaped in the course of cooperation with medical entities operating in various models of healthcare sector organization:

  • centrally planned healthcare system (Semashko model),
  • multi-payer insurance system (Bismarck model),
  • single-payer insurance system (monopsony),
  • national health system (Beveridge model),
  • a system based on the concept of coordinated healthcare (pilot projects).

We continuously improve our teaching programs, also in cooperation with universities and experts from all over Europe and the world.


The academic, training and advisory activities of the Collegium Prometricum team are closely related to the socio-economic transformations in Central and Eastern Europe and challenges faced by the national health systems. A team of researchers and consultants from the Faculty of Management of the University of Gdańsk actively participated in the process of getting enterprises of the region adapted to operate in the free market conditions and to cooperate and expand internationally (1998-2006).

With the increasing process of globalization, our activity focused on supporting organizations in optimizing their business processes and informatisation levels. These projects were carried out in conjunction with the world’s ICT leaders: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft. During this period, we adopted the name Prometriq referring to our specialisation: measuring and streamlining the effectiveness of business processes (2003-2012).

Since 2012, we have focused our activities exclusively on the healthcare sector, cooperating with the National Centre for Research and Development, the Ministry of Health and international institutions.

We are developing our consultancy and academic practice by the participation in international initiatives such as European Hospital Federation HOPE and International Foundation for Integrated Care.

Since 2017, we have been running an MBA program in Healthcare, with over 1000 managers of healthcare facilities graduated. More than half of the 115 students in the current 39th edition of the postgraduate studies Prometriq Executive MBA in Healthcare ONLINE (2021-2022) currently serve as management board members in healthcare entities.



For healthcare managers:

You are invited to participate in the Executive MBA – Healthcare Management postgraduate studies, carried out 95% ONLINE:

  • the programme is in line with the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework and the AMBA guidelines,
  • the studies last 18 months and include 500 teaching hours including real-time webinars; furthermore, additional materials available remotely,
  • lecturers are experts from leading academic centres and healthcare institutions from all over the Europe and not only,
  • the studies start end with a graduation ceremony in the historic city of Gdansk.

For academics and health care institutions:

You are invited to cooperate with us in teaching the MBA program in English; please contact us for detailed requirements (

You are also invited to participate in scientific research in the following areas:

  • digital competence of the health workforce
  • HB HTA

Please contact us for updates on research projects, publications and collaboration opportunities (

For universities and health organizations:

You are invited to cooperate with us in delivering  courses in the field of public health and healthcare management, making use of the experience, materials and co-workers of Collegium Prometricum at Bachelors, Masters and MBA levels.

 Up-to-date information about our international activities can be found at